August 2015: A new school year arrives!

I am excited to share with you our “map” for the St. Rose of Lima 2015-2016 school year. As we chart our course for success, I invite each parent to collaborate with our faculty and staff to make the following goals a priority for your children.
  1. The most essential priority is to allow our children to be loved by Jesus. Let us introduce our children to Jesus who loves them unconditionally and completely. We will teach your children to not only know about God, but to also understand that God desires a personal relationship with them. We will teach them to pray. Please pray with them at home and at church by bringing them each week to Mass where they will encounter Jesus in His Word and in Eucharist.
  2. We will encourage your children to develop their gifts in a responsible manner, helping them to grow intellectually, morally and socially. “Back to Basics” is our academic mantra for the year. Our focus is simple: reading, writing, and math! With our new Journeys reading program from K-5 and our new Collections literature program in 6-8, coupled with the Accelerated Reading program, we will strengthen and stretch our students’ reading abilities.  The Lucy Calkins Writingcurriculum in K-8 will provide a consistent, sound framework for writing. Our students will write daily and will learn to write effectively. With the implementation of the Go Math series from K-5 and the Pearson Accelerated Math in 6-8 we will scaffold a strong math program for every child. How can you as parents help in this process? Read with your child on a daily basis. Encourage your child to write and re-write, knowing the revision is part of the process. Finally, work with your child to memorize foundational math skills at every level: from addition/subtraction to multiplication/division; fractions and decimals. Our math program is capped by a full year of Algebra I in grade 8, so a firm foundation is essential.
  3. In a culture steeped in individualism and competition, we will be different at St. Rose! We will strive together to create community. We must model for our children how to be a good friend; how to be inclusive; how to tolerate differences. Together-school and family-we must resist the temptation to gossip, especially when it involves a child! We need to believe that each member of our St. Rose family is doing the best they can. We must continue to carry one another in times of challenge and celebrate one another’s successes.
  4. Our final goal, and the one dearest to my heart, is that of service. Service is the best way to intentionally teach love. Service will be our hallmark as we teach our children to be generous and compassionate. Our theme for the year is “Becoming the Hands and Heart of Christ!”Each grade will adopt a service project for the year, and teachers will reach out to parents for your collaboration. LOVE is the most important lesson we teach at St. Rose of Lima!
Our course has been charted! May God pour His blessings upon our new year and upon all of our St. Rose of Lima families!
United in the Heart of Christ,
Sr. Colleen Therese Smith, ASCJ