Christmas Message

We all know the hustle and bustle these next few days will bring! Some say that the commercialization of Christmas has taken our focus off the “true meaning of Christmas!” Others preach to us the need for silence in these final days of Advent so as to be “really ready to receive Jesus in our hearts.” While these reminders are good to hear and even better to heed, let’s face it! The next few days will be wild! There’s more on the “to-do” lists than hours in a day. Company is coming, final gifts need to be purchased and wrapped, and the kids are simply getting “out of hand” with excitement!

Perhaps as we dive into these last days before Christmas, we can do so with a spirit of joy and wonder! Look at the effect that one human birth has had on the history of humankind! One tiny, humble baby boy has turned us upside down every December… of every year! All of the presents and baking, the wrapping and parties would not even exist without the arrival of one small child two thousand years ago! There is much to celebrate, for this Jesus of Nazareth redeemed us all, and in the process, showed us the way to true joy and lasting peace!

I’ll not be one more voice urging you to remember “Jesus is the Reason…” However, I will urge you to keep a perspective amidst the busy-ness. This is all for Jesus! All the parties, presents and hubbub exist because God chose to put on human flesh and love us into eternal life!

Our children—in their excitement and eager longing—remind us that all of humanity yearns for a Savior. In the midst of these very full days, may we all recall the gift we need to most is redemption!

May you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and know God’s blessings in the New Year!